Free Pick-Up

Rent any size unit and we’ll pick your items up for FREE!

When you rent a storage unit at Bluebird Self Storage, we will send our employees to pick your items up for FREE! With our truck, we can move the equivalent of a 10’x10’ storage unit. If you require a unit larger than that, let us help with some of the bigger items or a portion of what you want to store. We will take one load per customer. Call us at 603-330-2580 to schedule a pick up time.

  • Must be within 10 mile radius.
  • Pack items in boxes/plastic totes.
  • Have items easily accessible in one spot.
  • No items over 250lb or too difficult for two men to lift.
  • Let us know if you have larger items (bicycle, lawn mower, dresser, etc.)
  • All televisions must be boxed and taped securely.